Christian Louboutin red soles

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Christian Louboutin red soles

Postprzez fangjian » 4 lipca 2012, 05:17

No matter how the woman, wearing high heels have become sexy, let alone a pair of high heels on red … …


From the Queen of Jordan to the Hollywood star, from the royal family and nobles to the fashion trend of people, all women are to have a pair of “red clogs” and crazy! Proverbs that touch of red, seduce a man’s eye, women’s desire to “red clogs” flush twenty years.

“Red-soled shoes,” Mr. authentic christian louboutin shoes creator was born in Paris in 1963, a worker’s family, now all the glory began in childhood, a special experience. Once he passed through Paris, Oceanic Art Museum, in front of the saw a significant icon, a thick cone heels were two lines crossed, exhorting women to visit, “treat” inside the carved wooden pavilion floor. Looking pair of beautiful high heels, 13-year-old he became fascinated, as if the first time that the original can be so beautiful shoes.
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Re: Christian Louboutin red soles

Postprzez KoMa » 17 lipca 2012, 00:47

Podobno Louboutin zaprojektował czarne buty, jednak coś mu nie pasowało i maźnął podeszwy czerwonym lakierem do paznokci :)
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